I work with individuals, couples, groups & organisations to develop:  Clear, Confident Communication (the 3 C’s), Relationship Equality with Gender Understanding & Impact. Through all my services I aim to empower you to take control of yourself, your choices, your life.

Relationship & Individual Counselling

Counselling provides a safe space to get to the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what is the problem and then look at how this affects you and those around you. Once the problem is defined, outlined and understood it is then that ‘a way to change’ can be explored.

It is my experience that Counselling may consist of a variety of interventions like chatting, sharing of information, exploration of the past, role plays, and the use diagrams…just to name a few options. This process is guided by you and with your permission.

Well-being Groupwork Facilitation

Any group or potential group that wants the edge on practical knowledge and self-awareness is a winner. When people come together with the intention of wellness; be it an anxiety group, employment team, grief support group or behaviour change group, they have the opportunity to grow with multi-faceted ways of learning.

The Groups I have facilitated are a space and opportunity for personal and professional insights, where behaviour is supported or challenged safely without judgment and with your choice acknowledged. It is my experience that when a group of people share their stories with a common goal of ‘building a better self or team or family’ others learn alongside them. Often the sharing of stories alone will result with others’ own stories making more sense.

Professional Development Seminars for Leaders & Health Workers

Our leaders are our models in the Community and in Society, and exist all around us in varied roles. They present as parents, managers, psychologists, sports stars, club officials, administrators, ministers of religion, CEOs, supervisors, social workers and in many more roles amongst us. They are You and Me; in our workplace, our unique cultures and our homes. As leaders it is my firm belief that we benefit from support, challenge and training.

Seminars on Self Care & Responsible Leadership, Parenting and Counsellor Professional Development are available with theory, examples and practical information. The seminars are designed to inform, create self-awareness and choice.

Individual & Group Supervision

Clinical Supervision is offered specifically for counselling (including both couple & individual therapy) and Men’s Behaviour Change Program facilitation.

Supervision is for: counsellors & psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, school counsellors, chaplains and group facilitators as well as other health professional fields of practice.

Supervision includes professional support, review and practice exploration, evaluation, information sharing and challenge. It occurs on an individual basis and for groups. I am an Accredited Supervisor with PACFA and ACA.

'Made to Measure' Workplace Training

Workplace Training has a focus on development in the areas of: Building Resilience, Conflict Management, Self-Care, Customer Care & Service, Stress Management, Assertiveness Skills, to offer some examples. Consultation is the first step to this process and then Workplace Training is developed to suit the structure, needs and availability specifics of your organisation or team.

Effective workplace training works well when initial training is followed up at a later stage with revision sessions. These focus on workplace practices and application. It includes question time, and evaluation of what has worked and what has not, so that where possible workplace teams get clarity and practical strategies to improve and build on current workplace culture. In this way, the process of change can be understood, supported and can be built on.

Or I can customise a solution to suit your needs, get in touch below and let's have a chat about what we can do together...